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Send them in to newspapers and trade journals along with other

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Send them in to newspapers and trade journals along with other
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Deskripsi Send them in to newspapers and trade journals along with other

Make a concerted effort to write articles pertaining to your area of expertise. Send them in to newspapers and trade journals along with other professional publications. Don’t simply write a few articles here and there, but instead commit to regular content creation for a variety of outlets, as it helps build up your personal brand faster..

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Name: Akossi Noël BENDJO
Birth: 15 January 1951
Place: Abidjan
Nationality: Ivorian
Occupation: Mayor of Abidjan Commune – Plateau in Ivory Coast Chairman of the Board of Directors of the SIR (Ivorian Refining Company)
functions: Founding President of the BENIANH International Foundation
Political Affiliation: PDCI-RDA
Family: Married and father of seven (07) Children

Christmas Akossi BENDJO, convinced that the acquisition of skills and the practice of Excellence are the keys to mastering the development of the nation, is since 1996 the FOUNDER and the President of Board of Directors of the Foundation of Excellence named BENIANH which was officially recognized by a decree of the President of the Republic at the end of the Council of Ministers of Wednesday 07 March
Trained in Canada, Noël Akossi BENDJO graduated from LAVAL University from 1 ) AT THE PROFESSIONAL PLAN
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